Oil Storage Fixation Misses the Big Picture

Source: Pixabay.comSource: Pixabay.com

Oil markets continue to debate the vagaries of how much crude and refined products are stored in big white tanks and floating carriers. The feeling is that there is too much sloshing around. That’s why the oil price is under […]

EV Adoption Trends: Lessons from Down South

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

The Ontario government recently renewed their Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP). In Canada, there are three provinces, BC, Ontario and Québec that subsidize Electric Vehicle (EV) purchases for kick starting adoption. Other jurisdictions may follow.

Energy is a Battlefield

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

The world buys about $US 3.5 trillion worth of primary energy – coal, oil, natural gas, nukes and renewables – every year. Fighting for every Megajoule supplied to hungry consumers has become the mother of all market share battles.

2016 Liberal Convention Keynote Speech

Source: CPACSource: CPAC

Political conventions are forums where delegates come to listen, learn and debate party policies. This past weekend I was honoured to be asked to deliver a keynote speech at the federal Liberal convention in Winnipeg. My contribution to the Party’s […]

The Fiscal Pulse of Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry

Photo: Peter TertzakianPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

Economists and analysts have been trying to find historical comparisons to the lengthy oil price downturn that began 21 months ago. As bad as 1998? 1985? Or even the 1890s? Regardless, the dual impact of oil and natural gas prices […]