It’s Open Season on Eastern Gas Markets

TCPL Pipeline Energy EastPhoto: Peter Tertzakian

Make no mistake about it, Canadian gas producers are in an intense market share battle with their American counterparts. Producers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia are ramping-up their production, and further encroaching into Western Canada’s traditional markets in the East.

$60 is in Style…For Now

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I don’t know much about fashion, but I have heard that blue is the new black. And I know that by the time I buy blue, everyone else will be wearing green.

Underground Musings on Driverless Cars

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Headlines surrounding ride sharing apps and autonomous vehicles are nudging into my daily reading list like people butting in front of me in traffic. But I don’t mind. Since the 1970s I’ve been a longstanding reader of future-oriented publications like […]

Taking Stock of the Energy Market Share Battle

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The charts look terrible. In the ruthless court of equity markets, the verdict is clear: The energy business – whether oil, gas, coal, solar, wind, nuclear, clean-tech or no-tech – is broadly guilty of delivering subpar returns to investors over […]

The Great Oil Market Experiment

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The oil market is undertaking a great new experiment. Historically, the market has relied on OPEC to “swing-up” their production quickly in the face of a supply shock. But today the cartel is in the process of swinging its taps […]

The Other Side of the Oil Storage Story

Oil pump jacks in the Middle East. 
Source: © TyphoonskiOil pump jacks in the Middle East. Source: © Typhoonski

It may come as a surprise  ̶  especially considering the recent volatility in the price of oil  ̶  that market fundamentals have improved in the last three months. For the first time in two years, the world market is now […]